Series III Standard

From $70K To $175K*

Improve Your Home with Style and Convenience

Introducing the Series III Standard residential elevators, a pinnacle of luxury in air-driven residential elevators. This model embodies sophistication with its elegant design and state-of-the-art safety enhancements, offering an unparalleled blend of effortless grace, smooth transition, and superior accessibility. Experience the zenith of in-home elevator technology, crafted to deliver both comfort and style, transforming your residence. Elevate your living experience with our exquisite residential elevators.

Experience the Elegance

Specifications Series III
Maximum Stops 4 Stops (G+3)
Space Required 1010mm / 40in
Max Travel Height 13500mm / 531in
Internal Cabin Diameter 749mm / 29in
Capacity Clear 210kg / 462lbs
External Cylinder Diameter 935mm / 37in

Important Benefits of Series III Standard

Sophisticated Ride Technology

Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury and functionality with Nibav’s Series III residential elevators. Elevating the essence of vertical mobility, our exclusive suspension technology guarantees a ride that is as seamless as it is serene, significantly elevating both the quality of your journey and the longevity of the system.

Visionary Craftsmanship

Step into the future of elegance with the Series III Glass elevators by Nibav, meticulously engineered using cutting-edge methods and the finest materials for unmatched resilience and sophisticated beauty. Our groundbreaking design not only revolutionizes the safety features of residential elevators but also introduces a chic, contemporary benchmark for the sector.

Customizable Elegance

Embrace unparalleled convenience with the Series III residential lifts from Nibav, presented in a versatile, knock-down package for rapid elevator installation in just 24 hours. Tailor and refine the home interior to your exact preferences, offering bespoke solutions that perfectly align with your distinct desires.

Architectural Marvel

The Series III Residential Lifts by Nibav redefine the essence of structural elegance, boasting a stand-alone architecture adorned with polycarbonate glass shafts that are 250 times more resilient than traditional glass. With no need for additional beams or walls, they offer unmatched safety and visual appeal.

Panoramic Splendor

Experience luxury on a new level with the Series III residential elevators from Nibav, offering a 360° panoramic view that merges security with connectivity. Our residential vacuum elevators enhance every journey with striking visuals, ensuring a ride that prioritizes both comfort and safety. Transform your living experience with this exquisite feature.

Exclusive Design Aesthetics

Indulge in the ultimate symbol of prestige with Nibav’s Series III glass elevators, each a personalized work of art exuding singular elegance. Every elevator is intricately crafted and detailed, reflecting your unique style while demonstrating exceptional artisanship within your residence.

Advanced Safety Innovations

With Nibav’s Series III residential elevators in ontario, safety is reimagined, exceeding expectations with four comprehensive layers of protection. Enjoy unparalleled peace of mind, with a design that ensures the utmost safety for you and your family in the comfort of your home.

Have you heard that the technology embedded in our elevators is considered the safest on worldwide?

Experience unparalleled peace of mind with our luxury elevator’s state-of-the-art safety features, designed for your utmost comfort and security. During a power outage, our sophisticated system gently guides the elevator to the ground floor, ensuring a smooth descent that allows passengers to disembark with ease.
Our Sure Stop technology epitomizes reliability, seamlessly engaging to secure the domestic elevator car within a mere 2 inches in the unlikely event of a pneumatic failure or if it detects excessive speed, guaranteeing a level of precision and safety unmatched in the industry.
Should the house elevator halt between floors, our intuitive emergency landing function is at your service, accessible from both inside and outside the cabin. With a simple press, the technology gracefully guides the glass elevator to the bottom floor, providing for a smooth and orderly evacuation.
In addition to these advanced features, a traditional lock mechanism is thoughtfully incorporated, enabling manual unlocking of the elevator doors in any emergency situation. This blend of luxury, innovation, and safety ensures that every journey is not only elegant but secure, offering you an unrivalled elevator experience.
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Elevate Your Style with
Customisable Lift Finishes

NIBAV’s wide range of colour options make sure the elevator will blend with any interior decor.

Limited Edition( Matt / Glossy )

What Is New in Series III?

Residential Glass elevators
No Machine Room Required Icon

Elegance Redefined

Nibav’s Series III residential elevators company your living space into a sanctuary of luxury and personal expression. With their seamless aesthetics, distinctive design elements, and sophisticated air-driven technology, these elevators transform your home into an epitome of elegance that mirrors your unique style and preferences.
European Standards Icon

Uncompromised Safety

Nibav prioritizes your peace of mind by integrating cutting-edge design with unparalleled safety measures in our air-driven elevators. The Series III residential elevators are not only CE certified but also conform to the stringent European Standards, offering a four-tier safety system that ensures your well-being without compromise.
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Exemplary Performance

Embrace the epitome of luxury and innovation with Nibav’s Series III residential elevators. These elevators merge affordability with unparalleled engineering prowess, elegant design, and utmost safety, redefining the standards of convenience and excellence in the industry. Experience the difference with Nibav, where sophistication meets innovation.

Discover the Growing Possibilities

With significant technological and visual enhancements, the new Nibav Air-Driven residential elevators 2023 model outperforms its predecessor and comparable traditional home elevators.

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