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Bringing a touch of modern luxury to homes throughout Ontario. Nibav’s optimal residential elevators exceed expectations and complement your home as they are. Just 10X more!

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Mobility Redefined

Transform your living experience by embracing the ultimate convenience that Nibav brings to your home. Nibav’s residential elevators are characterized by an elegant design and adhere to European safety standards, striking a perfect balance between aesthetics and security. Our residential elevators in ontario seamlessly integrate into your home, leaving zero impact on its infrastructure and enhancing your interior spaces. Our products demand 90% less elevator maintenance than alternative lift solutions. Installation is a breeze, requiring minimal space to bring the pinnacle of convenience to your home.
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Our Products

Our collection showcases the ingenuity of our engineers through a plethora of features that highlight pure technological prowess. Our domestic lifts’ cabin’s space-efficient design is meticulously structured, providing users with a user-friendly experience enhanced by its 360-degree panoramic visibility, offering a scenic journey with every ride.
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Series III Standard

The Series III Standard home lifts by our efficient team, is a cutting-edge mobility solution meticulously designed for households across California.
Our state-of-the-art air-driven residential elevators go beyond mere functionality – they seamlessly blend into your surroundings, harmonizing with the unique cityscapes of your locale.
With a maximum of 4 stops, it reaches a height of 13500mm. We offer a clear load capacity is 210kg.
Requiring minimal space at 1010mm, its internal cabin diameter is 749mm, and the external cylinder diameter is 935mm. Effortless functionality meets sleek design.
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Series III Max

Series III Max home elevators is a revolutionary addition to Ontario residential living setting a new accessibility and comfort standard.
You can renovate your space with eco-friendly and innovative home lifts, designed for fluid movements within your home, made possible through our smart green-tech engineering.
Our Series III Max is a spacious home lift that can accommodate up to 240 kgs (529 lbs), emphasizing inclusivity with wheelchair accessibility.
Ensuring safety and continuity, it features a three-point door locking system, a robust two-hour battery backup for power outages, and integrates seamlessly with Alexa for sophisticated communication.

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Key Advantages

Offered By Nibav Residential Elevators

Our residential elevators are featured with super efficiency and utilize only carefully chosen designs. They work smoothly every time you use them, making your home life easier.

Compact and Comfortable

Our small residential elevators for homes require only 1010 mm diameter for its base space, while offering enough cabin space for two people to fit comfortably.


Light Weight

Nibav Home Lifts are manufactured using the combination of Aluminium and Galvanised Steel, This allows the elevator to be light weight without compromising the strength.


Nibav home elevator operates on single phase power and consumes almost to Zero power when going up. During descend, this elevator consumes ZERO power which make it a GREEN Elevator.
Machine Room

No Machine Room Required

Our elevator installation does not require extra room for installation of the lift’s engine or any other structural requirements; this allows you to optimise your space, protect the integrity of your home and quickly install the lift.

360° Panoramic Glass View

It is quite common for one to get claustrophobic especially when traveling in an enclosed elevator. Nibav pneumatic elevator allows you to enjoy the panoramic view of your home with all its glory.

Superior Aesthetics

With a panoramic glass view on all sides, Nibav residential lifts provide you superior aesthetics when compared to the machinery look of conventional elevators.

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Your mobility experience with us, tailored to match your unique style and aesthetics. Connect with our expert team today to have all your questions clarified!
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