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Delve into the technological marvels of our era, showcasing a myriad of features that underscore the inventive prowess of our engineers. Our space-efficient design and the cabin’s structure ensure a user-friendly encounter with its panoramic visibility. The installation is both noiseless and effortless, making these eco-conscious residential elevators seamlessly blend into the fabric of your home.
Air Powered Residential elevators

Series III Standard

The Nibav Series III Standard home lifts, is engineered for contemporary living in Ontario allowing a swift 24-hour elevator installation, maximizing space and time efficiency. Our commitment to customization sets us apart, allowing homeowners to tailor flooring, lighting, and aesthetics to their preferences. Unlike other air-driven residential elevators, the Series III Standard boasts a remarkable weight capacity of 210 kgs/462 lbs, supported by CE certification and SIL-3. Elevate your home with Nibav’s fusion of functionality, safety, and aesthetics.

Series III Max

Building on our Standard model, it seamlessly integrates into Ontario homes, prioritizing safety and convenience in a compact design. The spacious cabin lifts to 240 kg Nibav Residential Elevators, functions as a trusted elevator company in Ontario, offering proven mobility solutions for diverse age groups. The three-point door locking system ensures heightened safety and a robust battery backup provides uninterrupted operation for up to two hours during power outages.Furthermore,the Alexa integration for communication and showcase engineering ingenuity with wheelchair accessibility.

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