Air-Driven Residential Elevators in Ontario

Nibav is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative residential elevators that provide both luxury and convenience to homeowners. Our elevators use pneumatic technology, also known as air pressure, to move the cabin between floors, making them a unique and cost-effective solution for those looking to add an elevator to their home. Our elevators are engineered to meet the highest European safety standards, ensuring that they are reliable and secure for use.
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Who Are We?

Elevate your presence with Nibav Residential Elevators, where our master craftsmen meticulously cater to the unique demands of vibrant Canadian homes. Proudly spanning 12 countries, including Quebec City, we redefine the local landscape as premier manufacturers of air-driven home elevators. Our global network boasts over 40 experience centers, reflecting our dedication to excellence and setting us apart as a sought-after brand. With a footprint in over ten countries, including Canada, Nibav extends its impact through a network of 31 showrooms and a team of 1,400 dedicated employees.
Offering an unparalleled home elevator experience, our classified products seamlessly blend luxury, comfort, and sustainability, leaving a lasting imprint on residential vertical mobility. Get the comfort of a star within your home!

Our Mission

At the heart of our innovation lies patented technology, revolutionizing intelligent vertical mobility. Our residential elevators in Ontario City, propelled by compressed air, surpass conventional standards with an exceptional blend of safety and sophistication.

Nibav Home Lifts is your outstanding solution, whether enhancing accessibility or adding a touch of luxury to your home, effortlessly combining style, functionality, and sustainability.

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